Last months we had meetings with famous designers, bloggers, and magazines about the trends they would be watching in 2017. The nature trend is big in décor this season and the Autumn/Winter 2016 home collection reflects on that with leafy “Sunshade” wallpaper in soothing pastel mint green which creates a unique backdrop in an elegantly feminine, opulent style. From the evolution of the home bar cart to animal skins, the predictions were spot-on. This season we saw six trends come to fruition in large decor:

1. Mixed Metals: Mixed metals were found everywhere. We are still seeing brass and gold, but polished nickel and silver are also coming back. Rose gold and matte black are strong, as well. Oxidized and antique finishes are also finding their way back into side tables and other accent pieces.


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2. Luxe Fabrics: Velvet’s renaissance has begun. We found sophisticated sofas with clean lines and modern curves. The fabric blends were something to note as they had been designed for durability.


3. Natural Texture: Natural fibers have yet to fade. Wool, cane, rattan, abaca, and other textural elements are key in adding dimension to a room. Be on the lookout for reclaimed wood and semiprecious stones.

RCHI MilanFair 2016 8731

4. Skins Are In: The influence of northern Africa has begun to create trends within themselves. Gazelle skin, porcupine quills, and horse shapes are being worked into light fixtures, tables, and poufs. Feathered headdresses from Cameroon are even being used as artwork.

versace home collection 03

grel5. Color: All of Pantone’s 2017 colors were found on the floor. Not one designer forgot to incorporate black, navy, pink, coral, tea, or emerald green in at least one unique way. In larger pieces, colors are just as vibrant as they are muted. A turquoise jewel tone Buddha head is a perfect complement to a silvery gray upholstered chair.


6. Elevated Organics: This year, we saw the evolution of organics. Textiles were luxe with natural feels. Organic was a design element found in end tables and bar carts. Even a few alabaster marble pieces caught our attention

Take a look at the photos of the trends below.

RCHI MilanFair 2016 8709